Research Problem Identification

Identifying a research problem is an essential aspect of the research process. A strong research problem can help you secure funding, publish your work, and make a significant contribution to your field. At Ignite Research, we help you identify a research problem that is considered specific, timely, and researchable.

The research problem should be a clear, concise and specific statement that describes the issue the researcher wants to answer. A well written problem statement communicates the significance of the research to potential funders, collaborators
and other stake holders. At ignite research we help identify a research problem that is interesting and generates support from stake holders.
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Our Process

Identifying the Research Area

Our team of experts will work with the scholar to identify the broad research area they want to explore.

Literature Review

We will conduct a thorough literature review to identify gaps in the existing research on the selected topic.

Preliminary Research

Our team will conduct preliminary research to gather more information on the topic, which will help to refine the research problem.

Formulating the Research Problem

We will help scholars to define the research problem, ensuring that it is specific, relevant, and researchable.

Establishing the Significance

We will help scholars identify the importance and relevance of the research problem to the academic community and the wider society.

Refining the Research Problem

Our experts work with the scholar to refine the research problem, ensuring that it is manageable and answerable through research.

Finalizing the Research Problem

We assist in finalizing the research problem, ensuring that it meets all the necessary criteria for a successful research project.